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sext: you look like the universe decided that it was tired of being so immense so it compressed all of its beauty and complexity and wonder into a smaller form so it could make everyone around it feel like they were a part of the stars

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Don’t insult someone’s smile.what the fuck. It’s somethin that happens naturally when they’re happy just let them fuckin be why would you try to knock someone down like that

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wow having a mutual crush… wonder what thats like

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I can’t believe it’s only 2am wtf i thought it was like 7am I’m disappointed and confused

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do u ever feel so obsessed with a song and even though it’s constantly on repeat you feel like it’s just not enough and it you just wanna marry it or something ????

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we move like the ocean
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we move like the ocean

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Your head is filled with unproven thoughts
Twisting theories into bigger knots
And I feel you dreaming
You’re done believing

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